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In 2011, Natalie Gordon was pregnant with her first son and trying to create her baby registry. Though she knew exactly what she wanted—frozen meals, pet-sitting for her German Shepard and an eco-friendly diaper service—there wasn’t an online registry that fit the bill.

A former developer at Amazon, Natalie decided to create a better baby registry. She launched the product two weeks before Max was born. Since then, Max (and his little brother Ben) have grown like crazy. Babylist has grown a lot, too—like $400,000,000-in-gifts-given a lot. In fact, today one in every three first-time parents create a Babylist registry. But their mission has remained the same from the beginning: bring expecting parents the best for their baby. Just this year they launched the newest extension of that mission, The Baby Box. It takes must-have products and samples and delivers them right to busy parents.


Digital Parenting: Powering the Baby Tech Craze
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Making Parents and Nurseries Smarter Than Ever
Baby Tech Stage Sands, Level 2, Booth #43901
Babylist Reveals Market Trends & Goes 1:1 With Baby Tech “AWARD WINNING” Innovators
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Baby Tech Stage Sands, Level 2, Booth #43901