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Naomi Kelman
CEO & President


Naomi Kelman is CEO & President of Willow™. Naomi has always believed in, and been inspired, by the idea that women are exceptional people. Most recently she has worked tirelessly to create a game-changing solution for nursing moms with the introduction of Willow. Willow is the world’s first all-in-one wearable breast pump that fits inside a mom’s bra. Naomi’s strength is in re-imagining and truly listening for unmet needs in healthcare and in delivering innovative solutions that make people’s lives better. A consumer products veteran, Naomi spent her early years in the beauty industry at Clairol before becoming an expert in healthcare. She had a long, distinguished career at Johnson & Johnson where she served as President of Vistakon (Acuvue contact lenses) and Lifescan (One Touch diabetes) and she was Division Head of the Global Over-the-Counter (OTC) Division of Novartis.

The oldest of four sisters, she is a strong advocate for women. Naomi understands the unconditional commitment of moms to provide for their babies and believes that Willow™ will be a platform to help moms achieve their own personal goals. Naomi received her BA and MBA from Cornell University. She lives in California with her family.


Innovation in the First 1000 Days of Life: Driving Health & Well-Being for Babies (and Parents too)
2:00-3:15 PM
Living in Digital Times Stage, Booth #43901