Jessica Naziri is an entrepreneur, on-air tech expert, writer and speaker. She is the founder of, a modern woman’s destination for all things tech and a community-based organization dedicated to empowering women in STEM and leadership roles. Naziri’s mission is to help create and endorse a growing number of female role models, advocate a more equal gender ratio in the start-up and tech scene, and awaken an interest in young women to join STEM fields. On TechSesh you can find everything from the latest tech news and reviews to technical workshops and a variety of actionable advice on advancing your career in tech.

Naziri is a sought-after tech and social media expert who has partnered with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Google, Nissan, Fairmont Hotels, and Samsung. Emceeing events, hosting videos and implementing full-scale social media takeovers, Naziri earns millions of impressions for the brands she advocates for.