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Bloomlife Wearable Puts Moms-To-Be At Ease With Pregnancy Monitoring

There are very few aspects of our life for which there is no wearable technology yet. Inspired by the growing popularity of wearables, a startup created a device called Bloomlife, which monitors the contractions of pregnant women. The device shows the intensity and interval of the contractions, so that mothers are fully prepared and know when

Bloomlife pregnancy tracker costs $149, but peace of mind is priceless

Despite all the modern medical advances and precautions designed to give you peace of mind while your little bundle of joy incubates, pregnancy is an uncertain time for all women. That uncertainty is multiplied for first-time moms, who aren’t sure what to experience with their pregnancy. READ MORE

Labor or false alarm? Wearable helps you know from home

Let’s face it, Braxton-Hicks contractions can feel a lot like real labor, particularly to a first-time mom, which sends a hefty percentage of pregnant women to the hospital to be strapped to arcane devices for monitoring, only to be sent home (it feels like) in disgrace and told to wait until real labor starts. But

Bloomlife is a Wearable Patch That Tracks Pregnancy Contractions

So you are pregnant and experiencing contractions or about to experience them. You can order a Bloomlife subscription and it will be shipped overnight for next day delivery. A set of patches, each lasting 7 days, along with the Bloomlife sensor shows up at your door and you can immediately start tracking your contractions. Don’t

Bloomlife Pregnancy Wearable Takes The Guesswork Out Of Contractions

Pain comes in many forms during the latter stages of pregnancy, but the source of an expectant mother’s discomfort isn’t always clear. Is it gas, urinary irritation, or just normal contractions? Bloomlife aims to remove this uncertainty with its new pregnancy wearable. Worn on the belly during the third trimester, the device utilizes a sensor

Pregnancy contraction monitoring wearable informs and empowers expecting moms

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your 20th, the third trimester is a time of watchful waiting and anticipation. Anything that can provide accurate and helpful information about pregnancy-specific parameters, especially contractions, is reassuring and empowering. Bloomlife‘s eponymous pregnancy wearable is now available to inform and help bring peace of mind to expecting moms. Bloomlife

Pregnancy sensor seeks to ease worries for mothers-to-be

Molly Cruit attached a small device to her pregnant belly, and a few minutes later, a graph on her smartphone suddenly spiked. “Oh my god!” the 38-year-old Portrero Hill resident exclaimed. She was having a contraction. But without the device, a small sensor she stuck to her belly called Bloomlife, and its corresponding app, she

Bloomlife’s baby bump wearable tracks your contractions

While there are several ways to entertain your unborn child with the latest chart toppers, the kind of technology that's invaluable during pregnancy is typically reserved for hospitals and clinics. But a company called Bloomlifewants to bring one key piece of monitoring kit into the home. It's created a pregnancy wearable -- a small device