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Greatest Show on Earth’ may be annual CES event

Because of its entertainment value, the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus used to be known as the “Greatest Show On Earth.”   READ MORE

CES 2017 Aims For A Bigger Show To Mark 50 Years

To celebrate 50 years, CES 2017 is leaving no stone unturned for a bigger, bolder and a more varied than ever before show.   READ MORE

Round-up: Non-device launch digital health news from CES 2017

In addition to the many device launches, several digital health companies use CES (formerly known as the Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas as an opportunity to announce updates and major partnerships and collaborations.  

CES 2017: Five gadgets to help consumers get healthy

The Consumer Technology Association's 2017 CES is showcasing several health and wellness-related products, including wearable technology, for the show's 50th anniversary.   READ MORE

CES 2017 Unveils Latest Health IT Innovations on Opening Day

CES (formerly known as Consumer Electronic Show) officially kicked off yesterday, January 5th, 2017, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.   READ MORE

Eye massager, smart brush, sleep lamp: Health, wellness tech galore at 2017 CES

An eye massager, a “smart” brush that tells you if you’re brushing your hair the right way, a scanner that checks nutritional content of food, and “sleep lamps” that can lure you to sleep or

CES & the latest trends in tech innovation

For geeks and gadget-lovers the year does not usually start with the 1st January, but a couple of days later, when CES opens in Las Vegas.   READ MORE

Introducing the Best of CES 2017 finalists!

Most of our editors eschewed the typical New Year's Eve celebrations and arrived in Las Vegas on New Year's Day.   READ MORE

Whatever next? What the fast pace of tech development means for marketers

Self-tying sneakers, hoverboards, drone deliveries, colonising Mars – the realms of science fiction, once framed as in the far-off future and distant galaxies, are closer than ever to becoming reality and moving forward at breakneck


As I held a bottle in my hand during breakfast with Philips at CES one morning, I was instantly transported back to the baby years.   READ MORE

Selfie light case, wearable breast pump: See the latest gadgets from CES

“Gadget Nation” author Steve Greenberg joins Kathie Lee and Hoda with the latest and greatest products from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, including universal remotes, a watch that doubles as a medical device, and the

Top Health Technology at CES 2017

The 2017 CES show, held in Las Vegas on January 5-8, attracted over 165,000 attendees from around the world and featured over 3,800 companies.   READ MORE

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