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Top 5 Tech Product Trends of CES 2017

I just returned home from CES, the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world. I spent a week there attending press meetings, evening events, and scouring the showroom floors, which took over the entire

Top 10 MedTech Brands to Watch at CES 2017

The year’s most anticipated technology show is nearly over! CES 2017 has shown us some incredible innovations this year and along the way we’ve been highlighting our pick of the most exciting brands exhibiting in

3 Parenting Gadgets to Watch in 2017

I was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month with my Parenting Bytes co-host Andrea Smith, and we saw some great new products for kids and families.   READ MORE

Are you familiar with Family Tech?

Come and explore the world of Family Tech innovations. Discover how these gadgets can make everyday family life so much easier.   READ MORE

CES 2017: What to look out for

It’s that time of year once again. This week Las Vegas will host CES, the largest electronics trade show in the world.   READ MORE

CES 2017: Here Are the Trends To Watch

As the tech masses descend on Las Vegas for the 50th annual CES conference, prepare for plenty of new products as well as big predictions about the future of consumer electronics.   READ MORE

Find Out What’s New and Noteworthy at CES 2017

To celebrate 50 years, CES® 2017 is poised to be bigger, bolder and more varied  than ever before. With a record-breaking footprint of more than 2.6 million net square feet of exhibits, CES 2017 will

24 New Gadgets Every Parent Needs to See

It's hard to believe that our lives could become even more connected than they already are, but they will at an even earlier age — like, before we're even born.   READ MORE

Ava awarded at CES 2017

After a highly competitive second year, which innovations took the baby tech world by storm?   READ MORE

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